Viable System Model

The VSM Test

There are currently two tests and at the moment both tests are free. There is the open test to check your knowledge and the verification test where you receive a Viable System Model testimonial at the end of the test if you pass. The tests were developed and tested by VSM Experts. To prepare for the test, we currently recommend studying the VSM Guide and taking the Open Test to learn.

Open Test 
A free test with 30 questions and as many attempts as you want to learn the VSM. To pass this test, 85% of the questions must be answered correctly.

Open Test

Verification Test - Viable System Model
A test with 60 questions and 2 attempts in 30 minutes. To pass the test, 85% of the questions must be answered correctly. After passing the test, you will receive a Viable System Model verification document from SCiO and demonstrate your strong fundamental theoretical knowledge of VSM. You can now share you approved knowledge.

Verification Test

Verification of Knowledge - Sample Document